Frank has played bass guitar live since his 16th birthday. Here he is pictured with his Ampeg and new axes, "The Dusk Buster" (5 string) & "Midnight Star" (4 string). Frank will be adding the bass guitar duties to his role as lead singer now that Rich is doing his own project.


   Frank grew up as a fan of Gene Simmons, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Tony Levin and many others. His tastes grew with him to admire Andy West, Dave LaRue, Charles Mingus, Stanley Clarke and John Paul Jones. There are other honorable mentions such as John Entwistle and Billy Sheehan that make the cut of his favorite bassists. But he draws his influence to play for Messenger from Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sounds and styles.


   Right after coming out of high school, Frank played bass for a couple of years in Mai Tai and Sassy, two cover bands in the North Carolina venue circuit.


   He is now enjoying the playability and tone of the Fender American Standard Dimension basses with their Rosewood fingerboards and Alder wood  bodies. The Music Man inspired pickups are powerful magnets and he uses Rotosound round wound strings.


TJ Servant July 14, 2017 @10:21 pm
Would love to hear some New Messenger music and to get a video and updated video plug for Righteous Rock TV!

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